Trending Womens Shoes and Boots To Grab in 2024

As 2024 kicks off, the latest trending womens shoes to match the clothes we wear is crucial. As the fashion events in Milan, Paris, London and New York showcased the best of fashion, it is vital to note the importance of their emphasis on women’s footwear.

footwear trends of 2024

Most looks were completed with eye-catching shoes and boots, making 2024 a year to focus on footwear. Thus, if you are planning to revamp your footwear collection and buy multiple pairs of fashionable shoes from chic stores like Jo Mercer, read on to learn about footwear trends to look forward to in 2024.

Show-Off Your Toes

peep toe high heels shoes

Get a pair of open or peep-toe heels or flats for the Australian summer and spring seasons. These trending womens shoes are perfect for keeping your feet breezy during these seasons. Whether you want to wear sandals, pumps, or any other style of shoes that put your toes on display, go for them this year. Tasteful open or peep-toed shoes go well with dresses, formal wear, party wear, and almost every other type of clothing.

Say Yes To Comfort With Fashionable Platform Shoes

footwear trends - platforms

Platform bases of shoes are one of the best inventions for people who like to add a few inches to their height yet ensure they can walk comfortably. Thus, it helps that in 2024, you can see footwear brands offering a vast array of platform sandals, boots, and 1940s shoes with a twist. You can pick a comfortable pair of platform footwear to wear with baggy bottoms, sleek minis, party ensembles, and so much more. Since these shoes make a statement, it is always wise to wear them with apparel that will help the footwear shine.

Embrace the Classic Flats

footwear trends - ladies flats

Want to move around with ease while remaining stylish? Get a pair of classic flats or ballerinas to complement dresses, office wear, casual outfits and more. These trending womens shoes are known to exhibit classic charm whenever worn and should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

These shoes are not only easy to slip on, but they also add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and class to even the most basic of looks.

Give Metallics a Chance

footwear trends - metallic

If you are someone who wants to add a touch of newness and shine to your footwear collection, going metallic is a chic choice in trending womens shoes. Keep your black, tan, brown and other basic shoes, but also invest in a pair of sandals, sneakers or boots with metallic colors’ like gold, silver, rose gold, etc. Make sure to try the footwear and make the purchase only when you are sure about wearing them. Metallic shoes pair well with party wear and special occasion wear.

Add Vibrance to Your Wardrobe with Colorful Trainers

Whether you like to run, walk, exercise or simply don comfortable footwear, trainers are always on the list for trending womens shoes. However, instead of buying a pair of plain black, white or any other neutral colour, go all out with a vibrant pair of trainers. Experiment with colours like bright yellow, eye-catching red, statement pink, etc. Trainers look trendy with athleisure, baggy clothes, sweatsuits and much more. Thus, they are ideal for most occasions and will allow you to be stylish. Style them fashionably with dresses as well to make your look casual yet chic.

Go Fancy with Micro Heels

micro heels

Not everyone is comfortable wearing high heels. If you are among them but want to start wearing them, start with micro or kitten heels. They will be all the rage in 2024 and give you the opportunity to make your clothes look sophisticated. You can buy fancy kitten heels to go with party or occasion wear. Alternatively, you can invest in classic micro heels to pair with daily casuals and formal clothes. Since these heels are 1 or 2 inches high, they are perfect for beginners to wear. They are also ideal for people who stay on their feet but still want to wear elegant heels.

Always in Style – Knee and Ankle Boots

footwear trends - ladies boots

The classic ladies knee high or ankle high boot is always in fashion. Nobody should be without a pair of each in winter. A pair of stylish feminine boots sets off any outfit. Ladies’ winter knee and ankle boots are not only a staple for cold weather but also a statement in fashion. Knee-high boots, with their elegant and elongated silhouette, pair wonderfully over skinny jeans or midi skirts and a pair of opaque tights, offering both warmth and a touch of sophistication.
Ankle boots, on the other hand, are incredibly versatile; they go equally well with jeans, leggings, or even with dresses for a chic, urban look. Textures and colors play a key role too.

Wrapping Up

2024 is upon us, and it is the perfect time to give your footwear collection a twist. By following these suggested trending womens shoes above, you can ensure you look great from top to bottom and also make a statement with shoes in fashion.  

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