Enchanting Geisha and Maiko in 1899 Film – [New] Restored to Life

Captivating motion pictures of Japanese Geisha and Maiko from the 1890s. Revitalized and augmented through advanced AI techniques. Recorded over a century ago in Gion, Kyoto, Japan in 1899.
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Japanese Geisha and Maiko in 1899 film restored

AI Enhancement by Glamourdaze.com Utilizing advanced AI technologies and the Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization method crafted by Bo Chang and team.

Primary Footage.

Safeguarded by the US National Archive and included in the Thomas Armat Collection. View the original film: Title: Japanese Scenes – 1894

Geisha and Maiko – Japan 1899

The AI restored film of early Japanese Geisha and Maiko. Filmed in 1899 Kyoto

Many Japanese women of the time adorned themselves in the iconic Kimono, Obi, in particular the Furisode kimono. However, the women seen in this footage are unmistakably entertainers. Their hairstyles, embellished with swaying kanzashi and decorative sakura blossoms, are telltale signs. Additionally, their graceful traditional dance, accompanied by the strumming of two Shamisen players, is intrinsic to the art of a Geisha apprentice.

Two Maiko dancers. Kyoto Japan 1899

In Kyoto, the term for a Geisha is ‘Geiko’ and their apprentices are known as ‘Maiko.’ Meanwhile, in Tokyo, they are referred to as ‘Hangyoku’.

The Art of Geisha Appearance

For a Geisha, makeup application isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an art. While Maiko might wear the white oshiroi makeup for special events, it wasn’t a daily routine. Once a Maiko had her hairstyle set, it would typically last around a week before she washed it. To maintain these intricate hairstyles, they used a unique pillow known as a ‘Takamakura’, translating to ‘high pillow.’

The Meiji era marked a time of change for Japan as it started embracing Western influences, ushering in a wave of modernization, consumer culture, and western fashion. Despite these changes, the Gion district in Kyoto remains a living testament to the enduring Geisha and Maiko traditions.

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