Vintage Sock and Heel Fashion Icons

Fancy socks and heels was a vintage fashion trend proudly worn by celebrity icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and Madonna. Now, everything that was good and old is coming back around. One thing we’d like to see is this particular look. 

It’s easy to notice that back then, a classic white sock and heel became a go-to. Now, socks have all different kinds of uses and styles. Even compression socks have changed it up. You can find different compression sock styles for women to pair with heels for any look. 

But let’s back this up to where the sock and heel trend was first introduced. 

vintage sock and heel fashion

Style Origin

When it comes to the white glove sock look with the heel, we can definitely point to the late 1960s. Just like it’s clear, the 80s had fitness styles on lock. So, let’s head to the 60s. If you really want to date the trend, then you could say that the Egyptians and Greeks were the originals. Traditional heels weren’t as much of a thing back in the 8th Century, but sandals and socks were. The heel would come along two centuries later in Persia. 

But in 1968, Natalie Wood made a debut appearance wearing heels and white socks up to her knees. After that, nearly everyone did. Just last year, after world-famous designer Miu Miu, debuted the sock-with-heel look, 22 other runway shows did as well. Most notably, T-Strapped Heels with mini skirts dominate the scene. Think Gossip Girl. 

Icons With The Look

Looking at fashion icons who wore this trend gives us inspiration for today’s looks. It’s no doubt that designers like Miu Miu drew inspiration from some of the greats sporting the vintage style

Audrey Hepburn 

Recreating anything that Audrey Hepburn does is a win. She wasn’t shy to be an early-on adapter to the sock and heel trend. Especially when it came to low heels and loafers. Often, when she wore low-heeled loafers, she had on a pair of tights, but when the opportunity to wear socks became a trend, she switched. Often it was paired with her famous turtleneck and pants. But the pants cut short, exposing the ankles and socks. 


Twiggy, the famous English model, is known for her fashion statements, and recently she has been celebrating the 60s like it’s going out of style. Except we think it’s here to stay. If you had to look at one item that was the biggest fashion trend of the 60s, it was indeed the mini skirt. But everyone was obsessed with it, so how could you style it differently than the others? With heels and socks, of course. 

One style moment stands out as Twiggy paired a pink mini skirt and a crochet set. The crochet set featured a crochet white sweater, a matching hat, and matching knee-high socks. She wore knee-high socks with black low-heel loafers to complete the look. The look gave a preppy feel to the mini skirt decade. 


Madonna is known for making plenty of statements with her socks. In fact, it’s kind of her thing now.  Consider the time she strutted through JFK airport, wearing a funky tracksuit sporting multiple colors and multiple patterns. She paired this look with high-end Louis Vitton sandals that featured a gold-printed monogram of the household brand. And, of course, she paired them with black ankle socks. 

Or consider her tribute to (Tupac) 2Pac. She performed in an NYC street-style tribute video. She would pose in front of some of the most famous NYC landmarks in high-heeled combat boots with 2-Pac-imprinted socks. The entire look featured baggy oversized pants and a graphic tee. She finished the look off with both gold and silver jewelry. The “grunge” punk look is still around today. 

Today’s Look

Back in the 1960s, the look only featured plain white or maybe black socks. Today the white look stands, but the crazier the design or pattern, the more fun girls are having. Madonna may have been the start of this with her edgy socks that feature wine glasses, Tupac, and more. 

To say this vintage look is never going out of style would be a fair assumption. That’s because it has developed to be a look with merely no rules. It’s hard to go wrong with this chic vintage style.

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