Vintage Hair Styling Techniques

Vintage hairstyles never truly go out of style, now do they? Whether you have short, medium, or long beautiful locks, there are a number of vintage hairstyling techniques that date back to the 1930s,1930s, and 1940s that look fantastic. 

vintage hairstyling techniques

Through special techniques like pin curling and backcombing, we can achieve these glamorized looks. But it takes some effort and precision. Let’s look at these techniques and styles.

Finger Wave

Popular artist Saweetie has sent fans going crazy over her glossy finger wave hairstyle in her Instagram profile pic in November of 2022. It’s a great styling option for those who have short hair but can work with all lengths. 

This S-wave hairstyle dates back to the 1920s but reemerged in the 90s during the Hip Hop era. It was picked up by prominent Black women such as Missy Elliot and Nia Long. It’s low maintenance and uses a “set style: or what is referred to as setting. 

How to Get the Look

You need a fine tooth comb, a high-quality mousse, styling strips, and what is called a hood dryer to set the look. 

Your hair should be freshly washed and product free. Then apply mousse to the entirety of your hair. 

Part your hair in the direction that you want the S-wave to go. You should focus on one side of your head before the other. 

Now comb your part starting closest to your forehead in a “C” shape. Use your finger to hold down the middle point of the S, where you will do another “C” with the comb but in the opposite direction to create the wave. 

Now repeat until you have done your entire head. The hood dryer is best for setting but is most commonly used in Salons. To do the setting technique at home, carefully wrap your hair in a silk bonnet to let it set. 


The Voufant hairstyle is big, bold, and elaborate. It dates back to the 18th century with Lady Marie Antoinette herself. The idea was to give her a big boost of volume, as she may have been struggling with thinning hair. As we all are. Bouffant is French for puffed out, which perfectly describes this style. 

The Bouffant came back around in the 1950s and was worn by popular women such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe. In order to get the precise style, it uses a technique called backcombing. The comb teases upwards, so the hair is its biggest near the crown of the head but placed so neat not one hair is out of place. 

How to Get the Look:

  • Start with completely dry and brushed hair that is knot free and straight. 
  • The thinner the hair, the more texture spray you need to hold it into place. 
  • Use a teasing comb to backcomb the crown. This will lift the hair up and create volume. 
  • Use setting spray or setting technique to keep the teased parts from falling flat. Now take a normal brush and smooth out the hair by brushing over it just once or twice. 
  • Create your desired shape now that the hair is moldable and voluminous. There are multiple up-do styles you can create out of this look. Today a half-bouffant is a modern twist on the style.  

Victory Roll

The Victory Roll is a vintage hairstyle that is for everyone. All hair types and lengths can take advantage of this beautiful look. It was first inspired in the 1940s and 1950s and was a popular look during the war that hit every major magazine cover out there. The term was first coined by fighter pilots as it was an aerial move in the air for celebration. 

The beautiful look frames hair rolls that frame the face or sit perfectly on top of the crown. And it’s super easy to do. Let’s look at it. 

How to Get the Look:

  • You will need a roller or, in today’s modern world, a curler. This helps the curl stay. 
  • Simply part a little bit of hair that lays near the frame of your face. Comb the rest of it back, so it’s ready to be pulled into a pony if you are doing an up-do. 
  • Curl on ringlet or multiple, depending on how many you want. Pin or set the curls in a circle or roll shape on your pulled-back hair. 
  • This is the simplest way to incorporate Victory Rolsl into your look. 

Many Vintage Looks

While these certainly are among the most popular vintage hairstyles, there are a number of tutorials that you can find to bring back vintage-inspired looks. The techniques are crucial to the look and may take some practice to really nail it in the end. 

It’s important to remember that quality hair products are what make these vintage hairstyles possible. Washing with a honey shampoo to clean your hair with pure products is just one example of this. The right setting sprays, mouses, and texture products can make or break your look. 

These looks also go fantastic with vintage makeup looks to tie it all in. And take it a step further and grab a pair of vintage clothing and accessories.

Don’t hold back and channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. 

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