Daily Beauty Routine of a Hollywood Star

Daily beauty routine ( skincare and makeup) of Constance Bennett in 1937. Complete with attending house maid!

Constance Bennett's daily skincare routine in 1937
Constance Bennett’s daily skincare routine in 1937

1937 4K Film – Daily Skincare and Makeup Routine

Constance Bennett’s daily ( skincare and makeup) steps in 1937 4K film

Glamourdaze first published this vintage beauty guide in 2010. Now AI restored to its original clarity at 4K 60fps.

Miss Bennett shares with us her basic daily skincare and makeup ritual. Conveniently she appears to have woken up with lip rouge already applied! Hollywood studios in the 1930’s had their pick of the worlds foremost makeup and beauty experts such as Max Factor, Helena Rubinstein and the famous Westmore Brothers.

Time needed: 20 minutes


  1. Cleansing Cream

    daily beauty routine - cleansing cream

  2. Stimulant Cream

    stimulant cream

  3. Complexion Face Mask

    daily beauty routine - complexion face mask

  4. Morning Bath

    Morning beauty tips - bubble bath

  5. Glow Base Foundation

    glow base foundation

  6. Cream Rouge

    cream rouge

  7. Face powder

    face powder

  8. Apply Lipstick

    daily makeup - lipstick

Originally uploaded to our channel in 2010 under the title “Vintage 1930’s Makeup & Skincare Guide.
That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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