1920s Bathing Beauties Brought to Life with AI

Time travel back to 1928 and join these women relaxing on English Bay beach, Vancouver. A moment in time nearly a century ago, now AI enhanced with color and sound.

1920s flapper bathing beauties - English bay Vancouver 1928
1920s flapper bathing beauties – English bay Vancouver 1928

Don’t these bathing beauties look amazing in their mid 1920s era swimsuits? Filmed in 1928 on English Bay beach Vancouver. The beach was a popular summer resort. Seen here in all its roaring twenties glory. The beach is a holiday spot to this day.

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Return to roaring 20s Paris – AI colorized

AI Restoration Process

Deep exemplar-based video colorization
Deep exemplar-based video colorization

Colorized, frame by frame, using AI deep exemplar-based colorization techniques. Then cleaned and upscaled to 4k 60fps. Finally a soundtrack was added for an immersive time travel movie experience.

Read the paper on Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization here.

deep exemplar-based video colorization
Flapper bathing beauties relax on English bay beach 1928

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