Time Travel Movie – A Day at the Beach 1921

Time travel movie takes you back over 100 years for a day at the beach in 1920s Holland. Filmed near Hoek van Holland in Europe. Using deep exemplar-based colorization utilizing reference frames.

A Day at the Beach 1921 4k hdr 60fps
AI enhanced film – A Day at the beach in 1921 at Hoek Van Holland

Watch A Day at the Beach c.1921

Two girls wash the sand from their feet after bathing – c. 1921 Netherlands.

We had a go at this remarkable footage of a beach in 1920s Holland last year using Deoldify for the colorizing.
This is a newer attempt using deep exemplar-based colorization. This open source software requires carefully colored reference frames. It’s a slow process but still an improvement. It gives a much more accurate time travel movie.

Beach picnic in 1921 – Hoek Van Holland.

The process involved cleaning noise artifacts such as flicker and dust. Then upscaling to 4K hdr at 60fps.
The final touch is the production of an immersive soundtrack.

This is the part I enjoy. There is something timeless about being on a beach. We hear the same wave sounds heard by our ancestors. When we are long gone, our descendants will listen to the same heartbeat of the ocean too.
These fragments of film of people now long gone, can be enjoyed with a little more sense of reality.

Woman takes a donkey ride on a beach in 1920s Holland c.1921
A young woman gets a donkey ride. A beach in 1921 Holland

Read more about Deep Exemplar-based Colorization, and the folks who are working on it.

A Time travel movie is becoming more of a possibility in a way, at least in a virtual world.

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