Follow this Vintage 1950s Hair Care Routine 4K 60fps

Part two of our 1950s Makeup & Hair Care Routine. An AI enhanced tutorial film made for US high schools in 1951.

Vintage Hair Care Routine from 1950
Vintage Hair Care Routine from 1950. AI enhanced film

No matter how perfect the rest of your appearance is, the effect will be spoiled if your hair isn’t radiantly clean. As in skin care the two most important factors for scalp health are cleanliness and circulation. Hair.

Watch a Vintage 1950s Hair Care & Makeup Routine

Vintage 1950s Makeup & Hair Care Tutorial Film – AI Enhanced by GlamourDaze.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Vintage Hair Brushing Tips

  1. Know your Hair

    The roots of the hair are as living as body and face skin. Blood must be kept circulating through them, particularly through the roots, the scalp. If the scalp isn’t kept clean and stimulated, hair can’t be beautiful.1950s Hair Care - The Roots

  2. Daily Brushing of Hair helps Blood Flow

    To keep your scalp healthy – every single day brush and keep brushing. Not just your hair but your scalp. Get that blood up in your scalp push the dirt off. 50 to 100 strokes – brush from the back of the neck to the hair ends. Then the hair will shineDaily Brushing of Hair Routine

  3. Brush your Hair after Washing

    Start brushing with clean brushes. Brush hair out of doors if you can. Brush it dry after washing it possible. Brushing brings out the natural oil. This is an important part of any hair care care - brushing wet hair

  4. Brush from base to the end of the Hair

    Be sure to brush around the base of the neck and to the ends of the care routine 1950s

  5. Bend your Head down during brushing

    To get the best effect from brushing – bend your head down so that you get a flow of blood into the scalphair brushing tips 1950s

  6. Brush with full strokes

    Brush hair with full strokes right to the end of the hair. Upward and outward. Feel the blood tingling in your scalp. Your hair’s taken on a shining new brushing tips 1950s b

How to Style Vintage Hair Waves

Hairstyle must suit you. As in makeup, start by studying you. Here the line is too severe – it should be softened, thus softening the whole appearance. The important thing is lines – not curls. Simplicity is the greatest beauty

For high foreheads – a softening bang will shorten your face to beauty.

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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