Windy Day in New York 1903 | AI enhanced 1900 film

Time travel back nearly 120 years to a street corner in the New York 1900 era. Filmed on a windy day in October 1903 at the foot of the Flatiron building.

A Windy Day in New York 1903
A windy day in New York 1903. Footage courtesy LOC / AI Enhanced Glamourdaze

Filmed on a windy October day in 1903 at the foot of the Flatiron building on Broadway / 23rd street NYC, this silent film fragment is preserved by Library of Congress. Now AI enhanced using deep learning techniques. Color by deep exemplar-based video colorization.

1903 New York. Two women battle the winds
1903 in New York at the foot of the Flatiron building. Footage LOC / AI enhanced Glamourdaze

According to historians, the foot of the Flatiron was always a particularly windy corner. Many a woman’s ankle was unintentionally exposed. As a result, it was regularly patrolled by policemen who would chase away the loungers. This gave rise to the slang word 23 skidoo!

Watch A Windy Day in New York 1903

AI enhanced sound film 1903 in New York city. Original footage LOC.

techniques. Now with an added soundtrack for an immersive experience. We can see with much more clarity the belle epoch fashion of the Gibson girl. The corset dress and long gored walking skirts were still the staple daywear for women. This post Victorian style persisted until after World war 1.
Everyone, even the kids, notably wore hats in the 1900’s era.

At the foot of the Flatiron 1903. Footage preserved by LOC / AI enhanced Glamourdaze.


Photographed October 26, 1903. Location: Broadway and 23rd Street, New York, N.Y.
Preserved by Library of Congress

windy day in new york city 1903. 23rd street
On 23rd street New York. Flatiron building. Footage: LOC / AI enhanced by Glamourdaze
Standing on a windy street in New York 1903
Flatiron Building on 23rd street New York 1903

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