Palm Beach Florida in 1920 | AI Film

Time travel back a century to 1920 for a day on Palm beach in Florida. AI enhanced from silent black & white footage to ultra HD color film at 60 fps frame rate with sound. ( nine years before actual sound film). Hope you enjoy.

Palm beach society in 1920. AI enhanced film
Palm beach society in 1920. AI enhanced film. Footage courtesy MIRC University of South Carolina

A special thank you to the folks managing the Moving Image Research Collections at University of South Carolina.
Their permission and support in this restoration project is hugely appreciated. This particular film was taken on January 1920, over 100 years ago.

AI Enhanced Film – Palm Beach in 1920

Two young women relax on Palm Beach Florida in 1920.

The open source deep learning used in this work include Deoldify, Rife-app, ( previously I used Dain app).
A new image reference based tool is Deep Exemplar -based Video Colorization. It’s at an early stage but there is an open source Colab notebook available for you to try.

I also use Topaz Video Enhance AI as well as Photoshop. The soundtrack for Palm Beach was created on Adobe Audition.

Palm beach Florida in 1920
Palm beach Florida in 1920. Footage: University of South Carolina. AI enhancement:
Couple relax on Palm beach in 1920
A smart couple relaxing. Footage: University of South Carolina.

AI Restoration Process

  1. Cleaned noise artifacts
  2. Increased frame interpolation from 15 fps to 60 fps.
  3. Increased resolution from 540p to 4000p.
  4. Applied color using Deoldify ( Jason Antic) and Deep Exemplar-based-Video-Colorization
  5. Created ambient soundtrack for an immersive experience.
Palm beach in Florida 1920. AI enhanced by

Appearing in the film:
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Guthridge; Mrs. Charles B. Dillingham and Miss Marjorie Newton; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome N. Bonaparte; Mrs. E. Clarence Jones; Mrs. H. M. Baruch and Miss Simona Baruch; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Meyer; Mrs. Morgan Belmont; and finally Miss Bonnie Boyd leaving beach house.

Young woman with beach parasol. Palm beach 1920
A colorful parasol. Palm beach Florida in 1920.

Published by GlamourDaze with the kind permission of the University of South Carolina.
AI restoration by
Filmed January 22 1920.
Palm Beach Society personalities
Fox News Story 8226

Miss Bonnie Boyd Palm beach 1920
Miss Bonnie Boyd 1920

That’all ! © Glamourdaze

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