Crazy 1920’s Flapper Makeup – Colleen Moore 1923

In Flaming Youth 1923, Colleen Moore propelled the 1920’s flapper makeup look to fame. We AI enhanced this charming clip from the surviving 11 minutes of footage.

Flapper Makeup Routine - Colleen Moore in Flaming Youth 1923.
Colleen Moore in Flaming Youth 1923

Colleen Moore’s Crazy Flapper Makeup Routine 1923

Colleen Moore 1923

Colleen Moore and her iconic bob hairstyle, hair bangs and cupids bow lipstick. The way she lashes on gallons of powder, is a treat to watch.

A box office smash, but heavily criticized by the conservative press of the USA.

The New York Times also panned the movie, but praised Moore’s performance.
Colleen Moore gives a vivid performance of the jazz-devoted novice. She lives the part of a pert young thing, whose hair is cut with a bang on the forehead, whose eyes are full of mischief and whose arms are long and slender.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a letter of praise to Samuel Hopkins Adams, the author of the book Flaming Youth. It’s depiction of the flapper lifestyle caused quite a stir and Fitzgerald declared he wished it had been he who had written it.

As for the movie Flaming Youth, sadly only a short badly damaged fragment survived, and is preserved by the Library of Congress.

AI Restoration Process

  • Removed severe noise artifacts.
  • Increased frame interpolation from 24 fps to 60 fps using Rife app
  • Upscaled from 360p to 4k resolution
  • Colorized using Deoldify

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