Bobbed Hair 1926 – 1920’s Hairstyle Film AI Enhanced

Bobbed hair – 1926 film brought to life with AI deep learning techniques. To bob or not to bob ! The burning question for flappers in the mid 1920s.

Bobbed Hairstyle – 1926 AI Enhanced Film

This wonderful time capsule comes from a newsreel in the Swedish commons library – Arkivkopia. Swedish hairdressers demonstrate how bobbed hair, hair shingling and finger waves are created.

Bobbed Hairstyles 1926 Film – AI Enhanced

Bob Cuts on film – 1926 AI Enhanced Swedish Royal Library

AI Restoration Process

  1. Remove noise and and artifacts.
  2. Increased motion interpolation to 60 fps, using a deep learning open source program Dain app.
  3. Upscale using AI to 4 K resolution.
  4. Added color using Deoldify
  5. Soundtrack created.

Bernice bobs her hair

Bernice bobs her hair
Bernice bobs her hair – F Scott Fitzgerald.

A popular short story by F Scott Fitzgerald, Bernice Bobs Her Hair was published in 1920.

Quite a prescient little book, considering the huge popularity of bobbed hair and cropped hairstyles in the later 1920’s. The bobbed hair phenomenon of the 1920’s followed generations of women’s devotion to long hairstyles and pompadours.

Bernice bobs her hair
Bernice bobs her hair

Only the daring few ( usually younger girls) had their hair cropped, as Bernice was goaded into doing by the society snob Marjorie.

There were other short hairstyles to consider including tying hair in a chignon knot, which could be neatly pinned and tucked under a fashionable cloche hat.

By 1930, bobbed hair was already on the wane, and locks grew longer and more feminine once more.

bobbed hairstyle in the mirror
Young woman admires her new bob in the mirror 1926

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