Flappers in the USSR | AI Enhanced 1929 Film

Flappers in the USSR ? AI Enhanced film of a very different side to the Soviet Union in 1929. Filmed largely in Odessa in the Ukraine.

Flappers in the USSR
Flappers in the USSR – Odessa 1929

Flappers in 1929 in Odessa Ukraine | AI Enhanced Film

AI enhanced and upscaled edit from the classic 1929 documentary “Man with a Movie Camera.”
Directed by Dziga Vertov and edited by his wife Yelizaveta Svilova.
Famous for its range of cinematic techniques Vertov and Svilova pioneered. Multiple exposure, fast and slow motion, freeze frames, match cuts, jump cuts, split screens, etc.

Watch 1920’s Flappers in the USSR

Flappers in the USSR – Excerpt from Man with a Movie Camera 1929

For some more affluent women,there was fashion, parties, bobbed hair, makeup and the ubiquitous cloche hat.
The position and roles of women in the USSR, in principle at least, were equal to men under the Soviet Constitution. The reality for the vast majority was very different.

The film in its entirety depicts the daily lives of ordinary Soviet citizens, in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Moscow and on the shores of Odessa,a popular holiday spot. It has no actors.

My favorite shots are the carriage/car sequences filmed on Pushkinska Street, Odessa.

flapper in slip - 1929
Flapper in slip starting her day at the wash basin.

Largely dismissed upon its initial release, the British Film Institute’s 2012 film critics poll, voted Man with a Movie Camera the 8th greatest film ever made.

But there were flappers in the USSR. Bobbed hair, cloche hats, silk stockings, short dresses. The fashion revolution which swept the post WW1 world, naturally overtook the revolutionary Soviet Union too.

Ukraine woman on beach 1929
Applying lipstick on the beach 1929 Odessa

AI Restoration Process.

  1. DeNoise and removed artifacts.
  2. Increased motion interpolation to 60 fps, using a deep learning open source program Dain app.
  3. Upscaled using AI to 4K resolution using Topaz Video Enhance AI
  4. Added color using Deoldify
  5. Ambient Soundtrack created.

That’s all ! © GlamourDaze

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