College Girls on a Sleigh Ride in 1906 | AI Enhanced

AI restored 1906 film of a group of Edwardian college girls on a manic sleigh ride through the winter snows of Gloversville NY.

College girls sleigh ride 1906
College girls go on a sleigh ride in 1906 – 4k,60 fps

Now with sound, 60 fps motion interpolation and AI upscaling to 4k, you can join in the madness of these young women laughing and screaming their way through a winter sleigh ride and snow ball fight against the men. It was a joy to restore.

Watch the full 4k film on YouTube:

College Girls Sleigh Ride 1906 AI Enhanced Film

Edwardian women on a sleigh ride in 1906 – AI Enhanced Film

Original Title

A Winter Straw Ride
(1906) American.
B&W : 500 feet.
Directed by Edwin S. Porter and Wallace McCutcheon.
Edison Manufacturing Company.
Current rights holder: Public domain [USA].

College Girls captured on film in 1906 on a sleigh ride
Winter fun – Sleigh riding in 1906

You can see the original transferred version of this film on a DVD release of several early Christmas films from the public domain called A Christmas Past assembled by Kino Lorber, who have a great record of reissuing old movies.

The AI Restoration Process

  • Cleaned noise artifacts and stabilized film.
  • Increased motion interpolation – from 15 fps to 60 fps.
  • Upscaled from 240p to 4k resolution.
  • Colorized with Deoldify Process
  • Created new ambient soundtrack.
  • Added music soundtrack
Sleigh ride in 1906
Horse & Sleigh Fun in 1906 – AI Enhanced Film

Open source software included Google Colab notebooks for Deoldify and Dain.
Deep learning AI networks without which this work could not have been completed.
Sound effects provided by contributors to the Free Sound community under a creative commons license.

Particular thanks to Girl with Sound Recorder for the Sleigh ride

That’s all ! © Glamour Daze

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