1901 Inspiration for Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Scene

54 years before Marilyn Monroe‘s white dress moment in the Seven Year Itch, there was Florence Georgie! Here is the 1901 film, enhanced with AI neural networks, which inspired that iconic scene.

New York 1901

Enhanced using AI neural networks,“What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York” starred actress Florence Georgie and actor A.C. Abadie. The original print was all of 77 seconds in duration and in extremely poor condition.

Now with AI upscaling the film offers another glimpse of what Manhattan looked like at the turn of the 20th century. The Edwardian era clothes, electric trams and horse and carriages shows the dawn of the age of locomotion.

Marilyn Monroe Moment – Original Version

Marilyn Monroe’s white dress Moment – 1901 version

Shown to movie going audiences in 1901 as a true event, people were easily convinced it was authentic and it turned out to be a comedy hit ( for the men at least).

Nevertheless, the scene was staged, and starred the aforementioned actors. Billy Wilder used the same idea with Marilyn Monroe’s white dress scene, which is now iconic. But she was beaten to the post by young Florence.

Since the actress is remembered for little else, we felt it was worth acknowledging her little part in cinema history.

The original Marilyn Monroe’s white dress moment in 19101

Marilyn Monroe’s white dress moment – 1901 version

We felt it was worth attempting to restore, as it shows genuine New Yorker’s going about their day nearly 1920 years ago. The sight of rolling trams and horse & carriages heralded a new era to come.

What Happened on Twenty-third Street | 1901

New York’s 23rd street in 1901

The plot, if you could call it so, was of a young man escorting a young lady down a busy New York street. Both in deep conversation, the couple walk over an air shaft, and the young lady’s skirts suddenly lift up to an embarrassing height.
A simple staged prank, amusing pedestrians, and later a wide movie going public.

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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