Work Dresses | What to Wear to Work in the 1970’s

A 1970’s fashion and style film on what to wear to work. Choose work dresses and outfits which are appropriate to your job.

work dresses - what to wear to work in the 1970's
Juanita gets advice on what work dresses to wear in the 1970’s

What Dresses Women Wore to Work in the 1970’s

1970’s work dresses. What to wear to work isn’t always on a par with a woman’s own personal style preference. The trick for work dresses is to find a happy medium.

Dress and style yourself in a manner which is appropriate to your job. Though in this case, our subject Juanita , also chooses to lose a funky Afro hairstyle in favor of a more conventional straight style.

What to wear to work in the 1970's - dresses and hairstyle
Afro hairstyles apparently are not a la mode for work in the 1970’s

“Being well groomed is itself the result of a good work habit, and it pays off!” says Juanita .

“Change is a way of saying I think I can do better, look better, be better. That’s why I changed my hairstyle and clothing style and maybe some of my attitude. It’s a little like growing up! “

Work Dresses | What to Wear to Work in the 1970's
Choosing the correct work dress / outfit in the 1970’s.

In Juanita’s case, she’s found a job in the public services. She’s not just representing herself, but her whole department. “You have to decide what looks best on you, regardless of what’s in vogue,” intones her male friend.

In the end, she chooses a smart bolero and trouser combo. But that was the 1970’s.

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