Quick & Easy 1940’s Hair Snood Hairstyle

Easy vintage inspired 1940’s hair snood hairstyle.Tia Semer shows us how to easily create this glamorous old Hollywood hair look with bobby pins.

How to do a 1940’s Snood Hairstyle Video

Simple 1940’s snood hair tutorial – Tia Semer

The snood was popularized in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s by Vivien Leigh in her portrayal as Scarlett O Hara in Gone with the Wind. If you want to create an easy 1940’s hairstyle, it’s a must have hair accessory.

Step by Step – 1940’s Hair Snood Instructions

Easy-1940's Snood Hair Style
The 1940’s Hair Snood Hairstyle – Tia Semer

Glamourdaze’s Tia Semer continues her 1940’s hairstyle series with a simple and easy to learn snood hairstyle tutorial. Above is the finished look. Now grab your comb, bobby pins and snood and follow the instructions below. You can buy hair snoods and bobby pins on Amazon.

1940's hair snood tutorial - front roll
Back comb the front section, pin in place and roll off center
  • Make a rectangular part with the front section and back comb for texture and fullness.
  • Loop ends around thumb and roll towards scalp.
  • Place one bobby pin on each end.
  • Now carefully pull the roll off center and secure to your scalp with more pins
1940's snood hairstyle - part hair
  • Next, part both sides of hair just behind ears.
1940's hair snood tutorial - rolling side rolls
After rolling and pinning front hair roll, part hair and roll two side rolls.
  • Tie rest of hair back, and back comb each side section.
  • Roll each section up to level of front roll and pin securely.
1940's hair snood tutorial - how to fix hair.
After pinning front and side rolls, tuck away neatly any stray hairs
  • Smooth carefully with a fine tooth comb and tuck away loose ends.
1940's hair snood
Hair done, now get your snood ready
  • Have your snood ready.
How to pin a snood on with bobby pins
Placing top of snood at the back of the rolls, pull the snood and pin it in place.
  • Gather remaining hair loosely by coiling it, and pull the snood over it.
  • Place the top of the snood at the back of the rolls and pin in place.
Simple and easy to do 1940's hair snood hairstyle.
The final look – A simple 1940’s snood hairstyle

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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