Singin’ in the Rain made 1920’s Flapper Style Fun

Singin’ in the Rain remains not only a masterpiece of cinema, but is an unmatched tribute to 1920’s flapper style. Costumes designed by Walter Plunkett.

Singin’ and Dancing in the Rain

1920's flapper style
1920’s Flapper style in Singin’ in the Rain

As one who loathes musicals, I have to admit to having a special place in my heart for this masterpiece of cinema.
I defy anyone not to be knocked sideways by its sheer life affirming energy. Flawless in every detail, Singin’ in the Rain features the cream of Hollywood musical and dancing talent in 1952. With a razor sharp script from Betty Comden and Adolph Green, and iconic re-imagining of classic songs, the film hilariously recounts Hollywood’s uncomfortable transition from silent films to ‘talkies’.

With truly unmatched choreography and dancing. Singin’ in the Rain remains a classic and a must see movie before you die.

Beautiful Girl – The 1920’s Fashion Show

The tongue in cheek take on a 1920’s fashion wardrobe from Singin in the Rain. To be taken with a pinch of salt of course. Costume Designer: Walter Plunkett.

1920's Flapper Style - Singin' in the Rain
For lounging in her boudoir – this simple plain pajama

Not withstanding the rest of the films colorful take on 1920’s fashion, this 8 minute long sequence ending with the 1920’s fashion show is a feast for the eyes. A tribute to the Busby Berkeley style production numbers so popular in the early 1930’s. Over the top and a delight to watch for it’s outrageous Technicolor style and 1950’s inspired bubble gum pop.

1920's Flapper Style - Singin' in the Rain
Her cloak is trimmed with monkey fur, to lend a dash of drama.
1920's flapper style - the Tennis girl
Anyone for tennis? Well, this will make them cringe.
The fringe dress - 1920's flapper style in Singin' in the Rain
And you’ll make a stir at dinner, if your gown just drips with fringe.
1920's bathing costume - Singin' in the Rain
You simply can’t be too modest at the beach or by the pool.
Flapper summer dress - Singin' in the Rain
And in summertime, it’s organdy that’ll keep you fresh and cool.
Languid and chic - 1920's flapper style in Singin' in the Rain
You’d never guess what loud applause, this cunning hat receives.
1920's flapper suit - beads accessories
And a string of pearls with a suit of tweed, this started quite a riot.
Little Black Dress - Singin' in the Rain
Life is bad, when you’re in court, but the judge will be impressed.
1920's wedding dress - Singin' in the Rain
But white is right when you’re a bride and you want to be well dressed.

1920’s Flapper Style Highlights

Debbie Reynolds pops out of a cake

Other notable fashion highlights of Singin’ in the Rain include the opening movie premiere sequence at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where a variety of eye popping outfits step out of black limos.

Gene Kelly - Singing and Dancing in the Rain
Gene Kelly’s famous rain dance. Singin’ in the Rain

Debbie Reynolds Ziegfeld Follies outfit : All I Do is Dream of You. Gene Kelly’s rain dancing suit : Singin’ in the Rain song, Debbie Reynolds cute blue grey drop waist dress with Art Deco zigzag design, pleated skirt to the knee and matching shoes : Good Morning song. Cyd Charisse‘s various mouth watering gowns : Broadway Melody song.

Donald O Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly - Singin' in the Rain
Good Mornin’ ! Debbie Reynold’s cute blue grey drop waist dress with pleated skirt.

That’s all !

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