Simple 60’s Makeup Look for College Girls 1964

Simple 60’s makeup look for college girls from Woman magazine in 1964. Clever foundation, powder, eye shadow and lipstick tips

Helen Temple gives Woman magazine a simple 60’s makeup tutorial for college students in October 1964.

60’s Makeup Look for College Girls

60's makeup look - foundation
Reshape your features, whatever your kind of face shape you have with these simple foundation rules.

Foundation – 60’s Makeup

By blending in several tones, you can totally reshape your face with foundation. Step one in any makeup routine.

The Halo Effect for an Oval Face

Top left: Apply a halo of mauve foundation right around your face for an oval. An ‘egg’ of peachy pink foundation on cheeks completes this make-up. Place it longways as in illustration for round face, or length-ways to balance a long face.

The High Cheek bone look

Top right: Flattering for any shape of face. Deeper toned triangle under cheeks, following curve of cheekbones, gives contour a lift. White highlighting over cheek-bones accentuates lift.

Slim Face model look

Bottom left: Shade at side of cheeks from top of ear, curve inwards and downwards to jawline. Removes pudginess from a plump face, or giving a slightly heart-shaped look to an oval face.

Face Lift with Foundation

Bottom right: This is achieved by shading in deeper toned foundation in triangles at sides of jaw. Super slimming for a heavy or square jaw. Does young things for a droopy chin, helps strengthen a receding chin.

Have you tried these foundation tips:

  • The dark shading technique to slim a broad nose?

Blend down each side of your nose, over tip and nostrils to shorten a long nose; on chin up to foreshorten a long face.

  • Plumped out hollows with light base?

Smoothing white or pale pink in that crescent under eyes. Softening a too-thin face with lighter foundation down from the forehead to jaw-line at outer sides of face.

  • Changed skin coloring?

By blotting out your skin tone with pale covering base and added a new color of your choice on top!4

Eyes and Lips – 60’s Makeup

60's makeup - eyes and lips
60’s makeup for eyes and lips. Double eye shadowing techniques, white eye makeup, thickened lashes, colored liners.

Mermaid Eyes

Sheer sorcery for green and blue eyed girls. Pale blue lid shadow mixed with green above lid, fades off towards brow. Green eyeliner accentuates green mascara lashes.

Big-eyed look for blondes

White highlight on lids enlarges small eyes of any color. A streak of blue close to the lashes. Blue or blue-grey color accentuated with navy blue mascara

Pink sparkle for Evenings

Rose lid coloring extends at outer corner to give long-eye look. Eye-line shaping at outer corner accentuates this. Exotic finish: green shadow mixed with beige towards brows.

Three Lipsticks

Start with a wide deep pink. Blend mid-rose from center of lips, overlapping deeper shade a little.Then hold palest lipstick between lips like a cigarette, gently swivel to achieve inner lip coloring.

Pretty Pout

This is crafted with brown lipstick. Looks the most effective paired with a pale lip color. Blend brown inwards about a quarter-inch at corners.

Clear Lips Look

Pretty lips well defined with an outline (draw it first) that’s two or three tones deeper than the fill in shade. Keep lip tones to same range – pale and deep peach or light and dark rose.

Two-tone impact

Two close together shades, one on each lip, to give exciting depth of color and blend. Can be used to even up mouth shape. Paler tone should be painted on thinner lip, deeper shade is best on fuller lips.

Now check out the concise How to apply 60’s Eye Makeup tutorial.

That’s all !

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