How to Apply 60’s Eye Makeup Tutorial | 1968

60’s eye makeup tutorial for beginners, from Max Factor in 1968. Eyebrow shaping, eyebrow defining, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

Model Jean Shrimpton shows British Vogue magazine in 1963 how she does her makeup.

60’s Eye makeup – Beginners Tutorial

60s eye makeup tutorial

Before you begin slapping on the gunk, you should know a thing or two about the six eye areas to apply makeup, and what it achieves.

Eyebrow: frames the eye and when neatly shaped, helps to give balance to the whole face.

Brow-bone:the area between eyebrow and socket. Skillful shading and highlighting here adds contour and intensity to your eye. A shadow fades out prominent bulges and gives eyes greater depth.A highlight increases the space between the brow and the top lid, pulls the eyes farther apart and gives a ‘lift’ to your eye make-up.

Socket arch: clever shadowing here can dramatically reshape the lid, slim a heavy brow, or give more depth to eyes.

Upper eyelid:shading and highlighting emphasize color, and enlarge the eyes. Eyeliner defines, intensifies and enlarges.

Eyelashes: give added allure, with false lashes and lash lengthening mascara also acting as contouring aids.

Lower eyelid: rounds off the ye, so needs soft definition. An outline here also helps contour the eye for still more appeal.

60’s Eye Makeup Tutorial – Step by Step

60's Eye Makeup Tutorial - Step by Step
60’s Eye Makeup Tutorial – Step by Step

Now you know the basics, follow this vintage 60’s eye makeup tutorial, courtesy of Max Factor in 1968. The British pop invasion by the Beatles, was accompanied by a bevy of iconic models such as Jean Shrimpton, Pattie Boyd, and of course Twiggy. You can emulate any of these women’s 60’s eye makeup looks by following these instructions.

How to shape eyebrows

60's makeup tutorial - How to shape eyebrows
With skin pulled tight, tweeze in direction of hair growth. never pluck above your brow except for some stray hair

To shape your brows correctly, stretch the skin taut, between two fingers and pull the hairs in the direction of their growth.
Always reshape by tweezing hairs from underneath. Merely remove odd stragglers from the top hairline.

How to do eyebrows

60's eye makeup - How to do eyebrows
Brush them in to shape. With sharp pointed pencil draw hairline strokes along the brow

To define your brows, first brush them to the right shape. Then, with a sharp eyebrow pencil, stimulate tiny hairline strokes along the brow from inner to outer edge. Brush them again for a softer effect. If your eyebrows are naturally thin, or scarce, a brush on eyebrow make-up gives wonderfully natural results.

How to do eye-shadow

60's eye makeup - How to do eyeshadow
Expose your full lid by raising your chin, whilst looking down at mirror. Apply shadow over foundation and powder

To apply eye-shadow accurately, tilt your chin high and look down into your mirror so that the upper lids are fully exposed. All eye shadows go ‘over’ your foundation and face powder. Set all cream-type eye-shadows by powdering with a little talc which doesn’t alter the color beneath. Or brush with a matching powder eye shadow for a slightly more intense depth of color.

How to do eyeliner

How to do eyeliner - upper lids
Raise chin, stretch the skin outwards and apply close to the hair roots

To line your upper lid, tilt chin up, look down into your mirror again and stretch your eyelid slightly outward with a finger. With your brush or pencil draw an eye line close to the roots of your lashes.

How to do eyeliner---lower lids
With chine down, apply a softer line. Pat in with finger

To outline your lower lid, tilt your chin down and look up into your mirror. Soften this lower line by patting gently with a fingertip.

How to apply mascara

60's eye makeup - How to apply mascara
Raise chine and look down at mirror. Apply one coat of mascara in two or three upward strokes

To make up your lashes, look down into your mirror once more. First apply one coat of mascara to the top of the lashes, then sweep them up from underneath with two or three light coats of mascara. Touch up lower lashes.

Cake mascara should be creamed well with a wet brush and applied with the sides of the bristles. Cream mascara is squeezed from the tube on to the brush and applied the same way. You get the best results with roll-on wand mascaras. You rotate the wand as you sweep it through the lashes.

How to apply false lashes

Place false lashes as close to the roots of your natural lashes as possible

Place the lashes as close to the roots of your own eyelashes as possible. There are applicators for this purpose, but
we recommend using your fingers. When the eyelash is applied – there will be a visible line of white glue. This will fade as it dries. Gently press the lash after application so that it is securely held in place as near to your natural lashes as possible.

1960’s eye makeup tutorial

60's-eye makeup tutorial
How to do eye liner, eye shadow and mascara for deep-set eyes, prominent eyes, small eyes and close-set eyes.

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