Quick and Easy 1940s Hairstyle Trick

Learn this easy 1940’s hairstyle trick by Tia Semer, with just  a comb, some bobby pins, a hair brush, side combs and hairspray.

When you think of 1940’s hairstyles, we conjure images of complicated vintage waves, victory rolls, pompadours, pin curls, bangs, up-dos, and up-do with bangs. Add to that the myriad of hair accessories like snoods, braids, ribbons, bows, turbans and scarves.

A simple 1940’s hairstyle trick in just minutes

A quick and easy 1940’s hairstyle trick you can do from Tia Semer of Glamour Daze.

Quick and Easy 1940s Hairstyle Trick
What you’ll need: Bobby pins, a comb, a brush, side combs and hairspray.

Use your fingers ( or comb) to make a triangular part with the front section of hair.
Lightly brush through. Make a counter clockwise twist, a few inches up.
Push the hair forward. Secure the scalp with two crisscrossed bobby pins.
Gently blend with the rest of your hair.
Now insert side combs.
Easy 1940s hairstyle
Smooth and pin hair between the combs to keep it neat.
Optional: Spritz with hairspray to help keep its shape. Smooth with a comb.
The finished look. A 1940s hairstyle in minutes

That’s all !
©Glamour Daze

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1940’s Hairstyles You Can Do

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