Six popular 1960’s Fall Fashion Looks to Copy

Six Fall Fashion Looks of 1960
Six Fall Fashion Looks of 1960. Culottes, belted jumper, cover-up blouse, trench coat. cover all look and the print suit

As the new decade of the 1960’s came in, the full skirts of the 50’s were replaced by a newer gamine look. Culottes, Capri pants and slim skirts worn with chic Trench coats and low heels. Let’s look at six popular 1960’s fall fashion looks , namely Culottes, a belted jumper, cover-up blouses, trench coats. a cover all look and the print suit.

Six Fall Fashion Items for 1960


1.You’ll be seeing more and more of the unpressed pleat, split skirt culottes. It’s fun to wear.
2.The return of the waist is accented this Fall by leather belts in all shades, shapes and widths.
3.The collar is gone. Replaced this Fall by bold jewelry.

Belted Jumper

1.Jumpers to jump into any kind of social gathering. They dress down easily with a print blouse which Janice wears here, or up ( just by removing what’s underneath) and catching the deep plunging V.
2. Belts tie, look best in matching fabric and in various widths depending upon your measurements.
3. Definite, if the skirt is slim it must be tapered depending on your figure.

Cover up Blouse

1. Arms covered, neckline high and cover-up as if you’ll catch a death of cold. That’s the chic way to look this fall.
2. Leotards, once a Hollywood institution, is now a must have fashion. It’s more important than ever now with the new cover-up fashion look.

Trench Coat

1. There’s no way of avoiding it – the trench coat influence. Hollywood once put it on Carole Lombard and made them both famous. It’s back this fall season as the strongest new 1960’s fashion trend.
2. Hats go high this Fall. The pillbox gets preferred placement on the back of the head over short hair.

Cover all Look

1. Following a new 1960’s fashion trend, Capri pants copy the same slim, tapered look popular in skirts.
2. The tunic made news last Spring and is insisting upon doing the same this fall in a flattering length, stopping just short of the thigh.
3. The 6/8″ heel is paired with the pants.

Print Suit

1. Prints, once whisked away at the first sign of fall, are sticking around for winter.
2. The military influence is back this season. No reason why. The Eisenhower jacket returns with a bang.
3. Accessories mimic the military, too, with bags in leather as this new Civil war inspired canteen bag.

That’s all !
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