1940s Summer Hairstyles – Five Coiffures for 1940

1940s summer coiffures to look cool in

1940s summer hairstyles to look and feel cool in, despite the thermometer’s evident ambition to take off for Mars. Designed by Joan Clair of Clairol Inc

Don’t smother under a shoulder length mop just because you’re used to it. Snip it off, or do it up, or just pull it away from your face. But do something! No summer measure costs less or helps more.

We show you five cool, simple summer hairstyles – two designed by Joan Clair, the eminent hair authority and president of of Clairol,Inc. Three summer hairstyles direct from Hollywood. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, then simply show one of these photos to your hairdresser.

1940s-summer-hairstyles - Clairol
Two summer hairstyles of 1940 as designed by Joan Clair of Clairol Inc

Here we have two summer hairstyles from Clairol Inc.

The formal coiffure on the left is clean, and away from the temples line. A pompadour and criss-crossing of the hair on top and back. The hairstyle on the right also emphasizes the pompadour, but much of its charm lies in the fact that it is short and cooling. Hair is set in deep hair waves and swept to the side, where it ends in a swirl of flat ringlets.

Hollywood Summer Hairstyles 1940

1940s-summer-hairstyles - Patricia Morison 1940
Patricia Morison’s long hair is tied back in sophisticated rolls for a cool summer hairstyle

Patricia Morison, who shows us three views of her long, lovely hair done up in a sophisticated evening hairdo.

1940 summer hairstyle for the younger woman, as modeled by Laraine Day

Laraine Day, currently appearing in “Foreign Correspondent,” models a crisp, fresh young hair-do that will probably have you reaching for the scissors in two minutes flat.

Fay Holden’s summer hairstyle for the mature woman of 1940

Fay Holden, wears a cool coiffure for older women – one mature enough for dignity, yet young enough for vanity.

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