1940s Fashion – Colorful Stockings and New Shoes 1948

Shoes and Stockings for a new Silhouette in 1948

Shoes and stockings 1948. For the first time in 10 years, skirts are so long and full that women can no longer draw attention to their legs by just having them. A host of new shoes and colorful stockings have met the challenge. All designed to be eye catchers for those 12 inches of leg still in view.

Colorful stockings and shoes

Shoes and Stockings 1948 for the new silhouette

The novelty this year in stockings will be color. Pinks, yellows, greens and blues, in addition to the usual tan and black. These stockings appear garish until blended with flesh tones. They then produce attractive pastel shades.

Shoes and Stockings 1948 for the new silhouette
Three models wear different sets of colored stockings and shoes to demonstrate xix combinations which the new seasons hosiery and shoe styles make possible.

Shoes in 1948 are being made in bright colors and in new fabrics, combined for a two-toned, spat like effect. The shoes below are going to be popular after a decade long single tone in 1940s ladies footwear.

Shoes and Stockings 1948 for the new silhouette
Two-toned shoes of patent lather and tan gabardine for wear with suits have the new curved heel and pointed toe

High Button Shoes 1948

The chief change in shoes, however, is in shape and construction. To show off the ankle, there are intricate designs for ankle straps like the high-button shoes shown below.

Shoes-and-Stockings 1948-high buttoned shoes
High-button shoes of the 1900’s are modeled by actress Nanette Fabray. They are the inspiration for the new extreme ankle straps on the right.

V-Throat Court Shoes 1948

What is revolutionary is the new trend aimed at making the female foot appear long and slender. The 1920’s style “Louis” heel has returned, along with soft pointed toes.

The rounded pump-cut vamp has been discarded for a v-shaped opening which lengthens the instep as in the new shoe style for 1948 below.

Revolutionary V-cut throat, brought out by L Millar, has been copied by 98% of shoe manufacturers and is the biggest change in 10 years

On the way out, now that skirts are so low again, are such old standbys as platform shoes, open heels and toes. They make the feet appear to wide with the new post war lower skirt hems.

Shoes-and-Stockings-1948 - satin pumps
Satin pumps with extra high heels have thin straps across the vamp to expose the toes and make the foot appear slim and appealing.

Now that there’s less leg – the aim is to display more of a shapely foot and ankle as with these beautiful 1948 pumps above..

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Transcription©Glamour Daze 2019
Originally printed in Life Magazine 1948
Color photos of shoes and stockings by Gjon Mili
Black & White photos of shoes by Nina Leen
All Imagery ©Time Inc

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