1940s Fashion – A Look at Winter Hats in 1940

The latest styles in women’s millinery for January 1940 from Vogue Magazine

Winter Hats 1940 in Vogue

Two Winter Hats for Black dresses and Suits

Left: A hat like an Alpine chasseur. Stitched black felt shading your eyes, sweeping up on one side. This releases a cascade of black coq feathers. Nice for you if you belong to the bit-of-a-brim school.

Worn with a precise black wool suit with a velvet collar.

Right: An embroidered gold eagle spreads its wings on this off the face hat of black felt. This joins the parade of patriotic insignia so popular these days. Nice for you if you are a member of the bare-your-brow school.

Worn with a black dress.

Two Straight Set Winter Hats

Winter Hats 1940 in Vogue

Left: One of the new hats made to be worn flat as a plate on your head. You tip it neither right nor left, forward nor backward.
But you do let your curls come out from under, in front. Green velour-felt; red bird. Black wool suit.

Right: Another straight set hat to sit squarely on your crown. Beige velour felt, with sprouts of coq feathers. Your admirers will love it because it reveals both your eyes and coiffure. Beige wool and velvet suit.

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