1950s Fashion – Hollywood Boudoir Style in 1954

A peek in to milady’s bedroom for some Hollywood boudoir styles in 1954 to see what enchanting attire the stars wear in the privacy of their bedrooms and homes.

Boudoir Style in 1954 - Janet-Leigh-Nightie-1952

Janet Leigh prefers a wholesome look in this feminine blue night gown. But don’t forget to rub off that lipstick before bed Janet !


Left: Elizabeth Taylor wears the palest of pinks in this beautiful nightgown from the 1954 movie Elephant Walk.
Right: Elaine Stewart prefers a form-fitting black robe. But who’d want to hide those lovely lines?


Left: Arlene Dahl isn’t a fan of tailored robes. It’s frills, bows and furbelow’s for her.
Right: Terry Moore goes for provocation in her harem style silk negligee.


Left: Piper Laurie wears robes of a delicate hue. The night, need we say more, is no longer blue !
Right: No pastel shades for the almond eyed Mitzi Gaynor. She enlivens the night scene in colors like these.

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