Three Hollywood Fall Hairstyles 1950

Easy Directions for Three Fall hairstyles from 1950-

Tired of your old hair-do? Afraid to take a chance? Here are three easy hair shaping tutorials from Hollywood to try. Elizabeth Taylor’s wind-blown bob, the short cap cut crop worn by Jane Wyman and Jane Powell’s long hairdo

The  Short Crop 50’s Hairstyle

The  Short Crop 50's Hairstyle

Make a one-inch center part at top of head. Cut hair to short, straight bangs in front, about four inches from beginning of center part.

Hair over ears should be only two inches long, shaping to four inches in back. Do not curl.

Comb bangs straight down, merging into hair at both sides of the head.

Comb back hair to a full V at base of the skull. For sleek effect, trim any straight hairs.

Brush hair around ears up and forward, keeping it to cap-like contour.

1950s Windblown Bob Hairstyle

1950s Windblown Bob Hairstyle

Cut hair in short, windblown curls. Liz Taylor cuts her own curls, but straight hair needs a pro

For windblown effect, hair should be cut high around the neckline

Cut front hair in bangs which can be combed over forehead or to one side

If hair is straight or natural curl is too close, set entire hair in small pin curls

Hair can be parted in center or at side and bangs brushed back

1950s Long Hairstyle

1950s Long Hairstyle

Have long hair thinned out, contoured and cut to three inches below ears. Part hair at left

Set hair on top of head in a loose, deep finger-wave.

Set rest of hair in medium pin curls. When dry brush into soft full curls

Comb forehead wave backwards. Brush hair upwards at temples and pin up for straight line

Brush hair at sides into long full curl, turning under against face

The secret of all wonderful hairstyles lies in the original pin curls you set. But do you know how to set standing pin curls to glorify your brow, flat pin curls to make the sides prettiest and those perky pin curls that are so cute at the back of the neck? Well, Vicky Riley will show you just how to put up these pin curls in October !

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Originally published Photoplay September 1950

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