1920s Hollywood Diet and Slimming Secrets

The slimming tips of the silent screen stars-


Fat! Women’s most dreaded foe. The Hollywood diet was the answer. The deals of femininity have changed. In the past, bulgy curves above and below the wasp-waist were the acceptable shape of woman. Now it’s the gamine boyish figure.

Screen actresses adhere to the slimming rule more strictly than anyone else.  If you thought there was a Hollywood diet that they all follow, then you are wrong.

When we talked to them, they all have their own slimming secrets, which they are happy to share with their fellow women.

Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting just exercise?


Bebe Daniels has certainly answered that question. “I never diet,” she says, “It makes me irritable.
I rely upon four kinds of exercise to keep my figure.The trick is to enjoy it!”

  • Swimming in the Ocean: The surf and salt water acts like a toning tonic.
  • Fencing: It tones your whole body and you sweat.
  • Golfing: You walk for miles.
  • Horse riding: This works out every muscle of your body

To prove it Bebe lost 16 pounds in just three weeks, as the photograph above proves.

How can I slim down fast without exercise?


The lamb chap and pineapple diet is urged by its disciples as the safest, surest, sanest way to lose
weight quickly.

By eating only lamp chops and pineapples,” says Nita Naldi, “I lost 20 pounds in less than a month.
In the morning I have a cup of coffee, black. No food.  At lunch I have one lamp chop, broiled of course, not fried, and one slice of pineapple. Two lamp chops and two slices of pineapple for dinner.”

That’s the simple life of Hades for the would-be-thins.

Roller Skating sheds those pounds


Viola Dana induced her sister Shirley Mason to put on roller skates and scoot around the neighborhood. The miles they skated proved too much for those extra pounds and Viola has her boyish figure back again.

Moderation Keeps Gloria Swanson Slim


“I just don’t eat much. It is boring. There is little variety in it. It seems to me endless repetition. I try to eat regularly. Regularity and moderation in all things I say.”

In the morning Gloria eats no breakfast at all. ” Perhaps a slice of toast and a black coffee if I’m working.” For lunch she takes a green salad. For dinner? Green salad. “Why should anyone want more?

Watch Two Flappers do a beauty Workout in 1926

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