1930s Eye Makeup Tricks

Madeleine Carroll’s Eye Beauty –


by Carolyn Van Wyck

Though the natural eye makeup look is the one to be desired, the liveliest eyes can be made lovelier by a little clever make-up – and still look natural. If you follow Madeleine Carroll‘s routine of application, you can’t go wrong.


At night you will probably want to use metallic eye shadow. If your eyes are red rimmed and bloodshot from strain or lack of sleep, the use of good eye lotion may be followed by the application of green eye shadow and green mascara to neutralize the ruddy color. It’s fun to experiment with color – try mixing a little on the back of your hand and use the combination you like best. Blue and green are lovely, or brown and green – and blue and brown give a natural dark shadow. The proportion is your individual problem. Use lighter color first, blending the darker over it.

One important point a good many women lose sight of when choosing their shadow is that, not only must the color of the eye be taken into consideration; the natural color of the lid, as well, should be carefully studied. In a blue-eyed woman, for instance, some lids will take more kindly to a blue that is almost violet, while others have a natural affinity for a grey shade, and still others respond to a light true blue.

The lovely new cream mascaras, in a variety of shades, eliminate any chance of ‘ that beady look’ and do wonders for you in the way of deepening the color of the eyes and enlarging their size. If you don’t use mascara, a fine line drawn with a brow pencil, just at the root of the lashes, will give splendid results. If you repeat this line at the edge of the lower lashes, starting it at the center and carrying it out to the edge ( always blending it of course), it will make your eyes appear larger and more feminine.

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Photoplay 1936

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