1980’s Style – Vintage Fashion Time Capsule

Found Photos of Women in the 1980’s

Typical 1980’s hairstyles

1980’s fashion was a blend of west coast glamour and impossibly big hair. It was the decade of excess and to many who lived in it, of terrible taste in clothing. Epitomized by the power dressing styles depicted in the hit TV series Dallas.

However 1980’s style owes a lot to the sub-cultures of Post-Punk Fashion and New Romantic styles, which now leave a more nostalgic memory for many of the ordinary women who grew up in that strange decade.

Remembering 1980’s Culture

Little Black Dress 1980s - by Ralph Lauren
1980’s Fashion Show.

It was the age of the Music Video, MTVThe Cold War. Two names – Apple Inc and Microsoft – were slowly but surely changing the world of technology. The World Wide Web was still only in the imaginations of scientists like Tim Berners-Lee.

1980’s Fashion Fads

Clothing fads included the boiler suit, leg warmers, high-waist jeans, leather miniskirts, leather and denim jackets and branded t-shirts. Makeup looks introduced futuristic multi layered eye shadows, and hairspray was the top accessory in a woman’s handbag. These wonderful found photographs being sold on Ebay and Etsy represent just a few of these looks.

This is the last of our time capsules. Found photos of women in the 1980’s – captured in the dying days of Kodachrome and Polaroid and on the eve of the digital age. Enjoy !

Found Photographs of 1980’s Women and their Style

1980's style - makeup and hair
1980’s style – makeup and hair
1980's style - leg warmers
1980’s fashion – leg warmers
1980’s puffed sleeves
1980's glitz and glamour
1980’s Glitz and Glamour
1980's fashion in restaurant
1980’s fashion – Girls in restaurant
1980s punk styles
Post punk fashion of the 1980’s
1980's little black dress and permed hair
1980’s little black dress and permed hair
1980's crop top and Lycra miniskirt
1980’s crop top and Lycra miniskirt
1980's fashion
1980’s faux fur coat and hairstyles
Three girls in the 1980's
Three friends chilling in the 1980’s

The 1980s’s as far as style goes may not be everyone’s favorite. But with the passing of time, I’m inclined to be nostalgic. It was quite a mixture in a post punk sort of way. Over the top glam mixed with a new androgynous look that has since evolved.

1980's denim jackets and jeans
1980’s denim jackets and jeans
1980s breton top and capri pants
1980s breton top and capri pants
Straight out of the 80's
Taken in the London Underground late 1980s
1980's girls getting primped up
1980’s girls getting primped up
Typical 1980's hairstyle and makeup
Typical 1980’s hairstyle and makeup
1980s fashion - leather miniskirt
1980s fashion – leather miniskirt
1980's style and hair
1980’s style – mini-dress, velvet jacket and belt

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Straight out of the 70s.

1970’s women – found photos
1970's women - found photos
1970’s women – found photos

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