1950s Makeup – Autumn Beauty Tints

Some glowing tips for Fall Beauty in 1959 –

Normal hair is darkish brown. This hair was lightly bleached and tinted a rich brown.

A warm and glowing complexion and hair brought to sparkling new life with subtle tints and rinses will put you vividly into glamour this autumn season. Try the effectiveness of this luminous autumn look by experimenting with the make-up colors suggested here.


Brunettes with pale skin and hazel eyes. Your autumn face wears rosy-beige foundation and powder, brilliant pink on lips and cheeks, jade eye-shadow. The brows and lashes are black.


Blondes with blue-green eyes. Your autumn face begins with an undercoat slightly livelier than your own skin, and warm rose powder. Lipstick and rouge are pastel-rose, eye-shadow blue-grey. Light blue mascara, grey eye pencil.


Redheads with freckles and greenish eyes. Your autumn face has yellowish undertones. Foundation and powder are sandy beige, lipstick and rouge have a sunny cast as in coral, russet-red. Emerald eye-shadow and brown mascara completes the look.


Brunettes with dark eyes and olive skin. Your autumn face is golden, with a warm toned foundation and powder. Deck your lips and cheeks with brilliant red. Turquoise eye shadow; black mascara and eyebrow pencil.

Match your hair to the Fall season.

If your hair is past its summer glory, then tinting or rinsing is for you. Similarly, when the hair is faded streaked or just plain dull, a touch of local color can perk it up.

1959-AUTUMN-TINTS---hair before color
1959-AUTUMN-TINTS—hair before colo

Above our two models, one a pale mousy blonde and a jaded red head. How quickly the glory and glitter can go from these shades.

1959-AUTUMN-TINTS---hair color after
A striking change to our two models

Above, left and right, you can see what was achieved with these two heads of hair. Blonding our model on the left was a complicated operation. A strong bleaching cream was used followed by an application of a very gentle, light ash-blonde tint. Fireworks were restored to our redhead on the right with a semi-permanent deep auburn rinse, applied very lightly.

That’s all !
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Australian Womans Weekly 1959

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