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1940s Vintage Lingerie advice –


Glamourdaze just published a page devoted to the secretive world of vintage lingerie.
We’ve chosen excerpts from a book published in 1948 called Foundations for Fashion and provided links to our recommended supplier of faux vintage style undergarments.


The guidebook – Foundations for Fashion is an excellent 1940s and 1950s lingerie and foundation wear tutorial by the Corset and Brassiere Association of America, and still a sound ( well mostly) instructional manual for those choosing to wear vintage or vintage inspired lingerie under their period or retro style clothing. It does demonstrate quite amusingly, the prevailing attitudes of the time (by many women) of the benefits to a woman’s health and figure by wearing shape wear,literally from teens onward.


Vintage inspired Lingerie, Corsets and Nylons


if you despise modern spanx shapewear and are seeking quality vintage inspired corselettes, girdles, long line bullet bras or fully fashioned hosiery; What Katie Did is our recommended purveyor of faux vintage inspired undergarments, who count Helena Bonham Carter and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks among their many fans in the movie world.

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Source: Haithi Trust – Foundations for Fashion 1948

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