1930’s Hollywood Faces – Beauty Unmasked

All about the Mouth and Eyes 1936-


If Hollywood lipsticks could talk, what tales they would tell! The women of the screen rouge their lips along natural lines, always accenting the ‘lower’ lip, not the upper.

In some magical way this adds character and a certain dramatic accent that many feminine faces lack!


Witness Katherine Hepburn, whose first film A Bill of Divorcement immediately stamped her as an intriguing personality.
She is not beautiful in the standard sense, but she has brains and a driving ambition. She had not sensitiveness about having her face taken apart and analyzed. “Her mouth was bad!” she was told, ” the upper lip too thin!” By carrying the lip rouge above her natural line, it was made to look fuller. Her eyebrows were lifted to give more expression to her face. She arrived on the train from New York with hair thin and tied back. A loose fluffy bob was found to be more in keeping with her contour.


If your upper lip is straight and thin like Katherine, then try carrying your lip rouge a little above the natural line. First dip the tip of an orange stick in lip salve and carefully outline the contour of the mouth you desire. The fill it in with rouge, beginning at the center and carefully carrying the rouge to the corners of your mouth. Instant Hollywood glamour.

Doubtless you will say it’s easy for stars who have clever directors, expert hairdressers and make-up artists such as Max Factor to advise them. You’ll wonder what chance little old you may have.

Observation and self-analysis are the first steps toward making any woman what she wants to be. Don’t be discouraged if your mirror fails to reveal the beauty you desire. Real beauty begins behind your forehead. Take liberties with your face. A straight end to an eyebrow can give a note of sleek sophistication. It also enlarges a small eye.


Just for the sake of argument, take a pencil and draw a new eyebrow on Dorothea Wieck‘s picture above. See what a different expression it gives her – how it changes her personality?


“True personality” says director Ernst Lubitsch, the man responsible for Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins fame,“comes from confidence. Whether she is beautiful in the typical way is of no interest to me.It is not essential at all. I find her strength of character, plus one good feature, which every woman has, and then I build on it. The you see the real woman.A little make-up and a subtle change of coiffure will expand what I have discovered.”

Why not use his words as the basis for your new look? By the subtle artifice of make-up accentuate that good feature and carefully camouflage the poorer ones.


If you wish to accentuate intellectual charm, study Diana Wynyard. She is an excellent example of self confidence. Irene Dunne is intellectual. Kay Francis is a smart, woman-of-the-world type. Frances Dee and Loretta Young typify the flush of youth. Carole Lombard is the young moderne.

None of these ladies became masterpieces overnight. Take stock of your assets and then set about the business of capitalizing the. Get acquainted with the real you, accept and accentuate !

That’s all !
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Ladies Home Journal 1936


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