1940’s Fashion Wardrobe – 1942 Summer Styles

All things to all women –

1940s fashion report by Wilhela Cushman
Fashion editor of Ladies Home Journal


If you simply love a long coat to wear with many summer dresses, your favorite could be this sophisticated green over a printed 1940s frock. (1) The same style dress alone with (2) a big green hat and (3) green pumps, is pretty for any summer’s day. (4) The very sophisticated black dress with big black hat, green shoes and (5) jade jacket, is a daylight diner de-luxe. It can also be worn with the green coat when it rains. (6) Black gabardine and pattern bag for all; (7) black shoes right for the coat when worn with the black hat !


A simple silk dress and wool jacket, converted again and again to her own purposes by her own sweet will.(1) The dress alone is a midsummer darling worn with a big lacy white hat; (2) use the jacket with a black wool skirt and striped faille blouse; (3) on cooler days with a black sweater with new-length sleeves and turnover collar. (4) Big red bag goes with all costumes; (5) the red shoes for dressier moments; (6) black ones more tailored; (7) wild geese and (8) poodle, gay jewels.


If you take your suits simple and your colors strong, this purple one offers you the chance for spring/summer evenings. Doll it up with a muff and hat of violets, from Braagaard. Wear the skirt with a bright green sweater to the country club; (2) be sure to have a mammoth-print blouse for summer luncheons; (3) for town, a quilted cotton hat;(4) birdies out on a limb – frivolous note in jewelry;(5) squashy purple bag, gay and practical. (6) Calfskin oxford shoes, a good walker; (7) dressy patent-leather afternoon 1942 pumps.


Like a clever woman, every really good costume has two faces. If you love frills, your favorite will be the navy-blue crepe bolero dress – inspiration to the most practiced chameleon. (1) For dinner, change revers to pink faille, wear a faille sailor and roses; (2) for warm summer day luncheon, the dress alone with gay red checked gloves and hat from Lilly Dache. (3) Soft blue calfskin bag plays along with every change; (4) the butterfly lights on dress or bolero; (5) dressy 1942 pumps; (6) tailored classic.

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Ladies’ Home Journal 1942
source:The Vintage Site

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