1940s Fashion – Early Summer Suits 1940

Bette Davis and friends model the latest –

1940s fashion report by Gwenn Walters.

1940s-Fashion---Early-Summer-Suits-1940-Bette Davis
Bette Davis wears a June suit 1940

A fresh and spirited fashion song is echoed by Bette Davis ( above), whose newest summer costume is previewed for you. A trim dressmaker suit of navy rayon faille conceals a white button-on crocheted lace blouse ‘neath its ribbon hugging jacket. Striking harmonious chords in the medley of fashion are Lilly Dache‘s veiled crisp pique question mark hat, LaValle‘s white doe-skin shirred-cuff shorties and navy gabardine pouch bag. Pattullo suit from Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills.

1940s-Fashion---Early-Summer-Suits-1940-Ellen Drew

Left: Ellen Drew models a Junior Guild suit. Snowy white pique fashions the blouse .. navy Twill Brook, the jacket and pleated skirt.
Right: little spools of cotton run riot over her mustard print crepe frock and huddle on the pocket of her mustard Twill Brook coat.


Check these for suit-ability. Left:Peanut Butter is the smart new color: Here it is in Knox’s Milan braid postilion. Harry Rosenfield‘s pin-pint patent bag. Merry Hull‘s new doe-skin fingernail gloves, cut longer at the fingertips.Right: Dobb’s white toyo baby sailor with black band. La Valle’s black patent bag and white doeskin gloves, fashionably linked by Toga snakeskin trimmings.


Left: Muriel Angelus wears a Margie Joy jacket-dress of navy faille with pink cuffs.
Right: Her six-pocketed blouse of navy rayon is teamed with a red and white polka dot skirt and a red kidskin belt.


Some lovely pumps.
Left: Perforated patent leather step-in pump with cutouts.
Middle:A black gabardine-Lastex, a peep-toe step-in, with patent peg heel.
Right:Elasticized black gabardine bow pump with calf vamp, heel and trim on walled last.


Left: check this Shepherd-checked jacket dress of ratline because it leads a double life! The bow-necked shirt frock with pleated skirt comes out from under holding its own – team the jacket with a black frock or shirt !
Right: Double check this Shepherd-checked suit – a two-timer in the smart woman’s wardrobe – with twin Rancho skirts; one matching the jacket, one in black wool.

That’s all !
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Photoplay 1940

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