Sylvia Sidney 1930s Hat Style for Spring

Four Hats for a Spring wardrobe 1935 –


Sylvia Sidney prefers brimmed hats.(Left)”Pied Piper,” in black pebble crepe straw, topped with yellow fan feather, tips far forward over one eye for that demure look in the Spring sunshine.
(Right), “Gingham Girl,” for afternoon and restaurant dining, in cloudy blue. New squared crown and coquettish brim that permits the wearer to see without being seen !


(Left),”Puritan Girl,” for suits and tailored street costumes. Royal blue felt, with a new high-low squared crown. (Right),the provocative “Devil’s Peak,” to be worn with spectator sports clothes. In white Toya straw.

Four smart 1930’s hats will complete any girls Spring clothes – one for every occasion !

That’s all !
©Glamourdaze 2017
Originally published Photoplay 1935

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