Makeup to match the Artists Palette

Vogue 1940 looks at the colors of great artists –

1940s Makeup to match the Artists Palette

The Lautrec Type:
You are the clear skinned redhead, the type Henri de Toulous Lautrec really loved to paint. Your eyes are blue, green, or hazel, your brows are dark, your skin extremely pale.

1940s Makeup-to-match-the-Artists-Palette -Lautrec

Daytime Lipstick:
“Carnelian”; Lucien Lelong.
“Sporting Pink”; Helena Rubinstein

Evening Lipstick
“Granada”; Henri Bendel
“Glamour Red”; Chanel
“No.4”; Woodbury
“Siren”; Dorothy Gray

Eye Shadow
“Brown”; Dorothy Gray
“Brown”; DuBarry

Remember to use nail enamels to match !

The Renoir Type:
Are you a true Renoir blonde, creamy, golden haired, blushing? Pierre Auguste Renoir would have painted you in delicate shades, or white, or black; colours to play up your utter blondness.

1940s Makeup-to-match-the-Artists-Palette - Renoir

Daytime Lipstick:
“Magnet Red”; Coty
“Schoolhouse Red”; Elizabeth Arden
“Flame” Lucien Lelong
“Aquarelle”; Helena Rubinstein

Evening Lipstick:
“Peppermint Pink”; DuBarry
“Candy Cane”; Elizabeth Arden
“Red Dice”; Revlon
“REd Camellia”; Frances Denney

Eye Shadow
“Blue”; Hortense Van Raalte
“Star Sapphire”; Germaine Monteil

Remember to use nail enamels to match !

The Goya Type:
Have you Goya Colouring – dark eyes, black hair, a clear olive skin without much colour? Use unobvious shades that Francisco Goya would choose to bring out startling clarity of your skin tones.

1940s Makeup-to-match-the-Artists-Palette - Goya

Daytime Lipstick:
“Patriot Red”; Louis Philippe
“Flippant”; Lucien Lelong
“Brilliant”; Bourjois
“Bravo”; Revlon

Evening Lipstick:
“Dark Secret”; Pond’s
“Burgundy”; Produit Nina
“South American Red”; Dorothy Gray
“Gaucho”; Lentheric

Eye Shadow:
“Violet”; Dorothy Gray
“Blue Lavandre”; Elizabeth Arden

Remember to use nail enamels to match !

The Laurencin Type:
Have you the fair skin, the blue or grey eyes that appear dark, the grey hair Marie Laurencin made famous? She would paint you in the colours shown in this palette to accentuate your dark eyes and fair skin.

1940s Makeup-to-match-the-Artists-Palette - Laurencin

Daytime Lipstick:
“Cyclamen Daytime”; Elizabeth Arden
“Pink Heather”; Yardley
“Shocking”; Schiaparelli
“Petunia”; Charles of the Ritz

Evening Lipstick
“Cyclamen Daytime”; Elizabeth Arden
“Boreale”; Lucien Lelong
“Fushine”; DuBarry
“Heartbeat”; Pond’s

Eye Shadow
“Orchid”; Harriet Hubbard Ayer
“Violet”; Germaine Monteil

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