1940s Fashion – Vogue Under Twenty Dresses

Four 40s frocks and their doll equivalents –


One of the pretty young dancers of the musical show, “Panama Hattie,” is Miriam Franklin, who is wearing a buttoned-bodice dress of beige Juilliard wool and a black velvet halo-hat. Her costume and the others on this post were copied in miniature especially for Vogue. These are shown on Margit Nilsen‘s new flexible dolls.
To the right – a talented youngster who dances in the new Al Jolsen show, Eunace Healey poses in an Under Twenty wool dress. That’s it’s diminutive counterpart, on the doll at the right the small photograph. The dress – beige wool, with knitted black wool sleeves giving it almost the look of a pinafore. The hat – one of those beloved black felt Breton’s you wear far back.


One of the swooping skaters in the Center Theatre‘s new ice-show extravaganza – Edwina Blades. Here she wears a soft suit of beige wool – one that could perfectly well appear at a late afternoon party. Notice the jewelled buttons; the little peplum gathered like a ruff. The hat – beige felt with a rolled brim. The same suit on the doll top left inset.
To the right – the pliant acrobatic dancer of the new Cole Porter show, “Panama Hattie,” is Nadine Gae. She and the doll are dressed alike in beige-and-black wool costumes – a colour union that’s lost none of its news value. Black wool, embroidered with an eagle emblem, for the top; beige Juilliard wool for the skirt. In between goes a sash of red suede. A black felt hat tops it off.

1940 Margit Nilsen dolls

Here are two Margit Nilsen dolls in close up. Aren’t they cute?

Transcription©Glamourdaze 2017
Original article published Dec 1940 Vogue Magazine.

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