1950s Directoire Hairstyles from Paris

Five Pretty French Mannequins model in 1958 –


The 1958 Directoire hairstyle, latest headliner from France, was introduced by the Haute Coiffure at a parade at Chez Laurent, famous restaurant in the Champs Elysees gardens, Paris, to coincide with the autumn collections.

Mannequins wait their turn to model the new Directoire hairstyle at Chez Laurent, Paris. Most applauded was the orange red version in the middle.

While waistlines are rising to under the bosom, coiffures are piling into a ruffled, casual effect, with loosely curved bangs and puffed sides, the back shaped, but not short. Named Empire after the era of Emperor Napoleon and Directoire after the government of 1795-99 which immediately preceded him, both hairstyles recall Madame Josephine.


Those and other beauties of the day borrowed styles from ancient Greece and adapted them into bosomy, high waisted gowns with flowing skirts and delicately piled coiffures.

The 1958 versions seen here make the models look fragile and feminine, adding inches to their necks, so that their heads look like a flower blooming on top of a slender stalk.

The width of the hair balances the slender fall of the new dresses, particularly effective when worn with evening dress.
Paris hairdressers have also been experimenting with hair coloring. This season, strawberry-blondes and redheads are high fashion, to match the popular dress colors of tangerine, orange and flaming red.

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First seen in Australian Womens Weekly 1958

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