1940 Vogue Fashion – Winter Coats and Dresses

Vogue Magazine of December 1940 –

Fearless 1940s coats and 1940s wool dresses to please the eye and warm the heart ! Vogue Magazine 1940 for winter coats and dresses. The skirts were slim and pleated. Hair was swept up in a pompadour and hats were large


Snapped at the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit, at the New York Museum of Science and Industry – these fur-less coats, to go with your wool dress.
First: Afternoon coat of brown wool. Beige felt bonnet. Best store; Ransohoffs.
Second: A casual reefer of Rodier’s blue chinchilla cloth. Warm as a hearth, with wool dresses. Impressive as a stock certificate; with fur touches. Felt hat. Best store; I.Magnin.


A wool dress meant to join forces with the brown afternoon coat modelled above. Of Heller’s navy-blue wool jersey – brown and blue being, currently at Marshall Field department store.


Sleek black Alaskan Sealskin treated like cloth; i.e, a double-breasted bodice – double pleated skirt – lines that fit, then flare – cutting a good figure for any chilly day in town. Sally Victor’s white hatter’s plush hat – to show one of the newest ways to accent a black coat. Coat from Revillion.


A suit dress of Hockanum’s beige rabbit’s hair, to collaborate warmly with the fur-less coat above. A Vera Maxwell design at Lord & Taylor.


A dress of Hockanum’s brown Barathea – revival of an old fashioned wool – to team with the reefer coat above. A Vera Maxwell design from Lord & Taylor. Blue and tan beret.

That’s all !
Originally published in Vogue’s beauty issue – Dec 1940.

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  1. Beautiful coats! I’m old enough to remember the 100% wool label inside them (along with the Union label near it!). We’d have our jackets and regular day coat but a dressy wool coat to wear with dresses. I had a dark blue double breasted one that flared at the waist with a black velvet peter pan collar and band at the back with black velvet covered buttons. Oh my! Haven’t thought of that coat in decades! Of course that was in the early 60’s not the ’40’s, but the appreciation of wool was long lasting. The cost of any of those coats above if made today would be hundreds of dollars! I had wool skirts too – every wool item had to be lined – and dry cleaned! But you were warm! Just a last comment on that Sally Victor’s white hatter’s plush hat! Was that ‘mad’ hatter’s hat?! Bit over the top for me, the Vera Maxwell 2 piece and that lovely brown mink? hat is beautiful. Unfortunately, the magazine & newspaper stand the model is standing by is another bygone these days. Wonderful post, enjoyed it very much!

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