1940s Hairstyles – British Wartime Hairdos

Pathe News report on the new Liberty Cut hairstyles –


Utility is the key note in the new 1940s Liberty hairstyles. Here’s an example.
In days like these, with so many women in war work, there is no time for coiffure. Long hair in such circumstances is a nuisance rather than a blessing. The new style shows the hair cut away from the crown and smoothed flat so that the rest of it can be freely dressed to suit her features.You’ll notice that though the hair is short, it is definitely feminine. Another point to make is that the dressing will not be disturbed by the wearing of a services hat.


Now for the Liberty cut in operation. The exact style of course will depend on the original wearer. The hairdresser starts from the crown and tapers the hair down to a few inches. In the name of utility, the locks must fall!


This girls style calls for a large flat curl around the ear.


After the cut, it can be reset at home and it actually improves by brushing and combing. Also you don’t need many hairpins.


At first you might not want to say ta ta to your long hair. But when you see how practical and boyish the result. She says she’s awfully glad that she took such a ‘liberty’ !

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