1940s Hairstyle – American Wartime Hairdos 1944

Pathe News report on the new US hairstyles –


From America comes a new 1940’s hairstyle that’s almost as smooth as a plate across the top of your head.


For the girl with an oval face, this is the newest idea with soft curls drooping to the shoulders.


A variation, is a centre parting and a smooth turned-under page-boy bob.


Now a famous West-end hairdresser demonstrates what can be done in the new ‘flat-top’ style. First of all – bang goes those bunch of curls on top!
The hair is brushed straight back in a style that is as demure and young as Alice in Wonderland. It’s flat and fascinating, if you have the right kind of face.


Finally, if you are in the services and have to wear your hair short, there’s no need to have to do without that favourite upturned roll and look ..it’s still flat on top !

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1940s hairstyle tutorials

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Pathe Newsreel 1944.
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