1960s Hairstyles – Six Popular Coiffures in 1962

Kennedy Era hairstyles for summer –


1. Simple Oval.
Full and rounded with ends turned under, its becoming to all except round faces. Hair is the same length all over with ends tapered for a curved effect. It’s brushed back from a pivot point in centre of forehead with crown hair pushed forward for fullness in front.
To Set: Roll four big rollers back from hairline over the crown; roll three big rollers down each side, turned under. Set back with two rows.

A style for longer hair. hair is pushed forward with a brush for fullness. Bangs are cross-draped from a pivot point just off centre, and sides form low, ear-covering waves. back is sculptured to nape in a long shingle.
To Set: use two large rollers turned under obliquely at forehead for bangs, three rolled back at crown, three on each side above ear turned down, and two rows of pin curls at nape of neck.

3.Winged Wave.
For hair all the same length. From low pivot point bangs are swept down then flipped up slightly. Sides are brushed back, then forward into low loose waves with ends flipped outwards.
To Set: Use four big rollers, starting at pivot point and going diagonally back from face. For bangs, use another roller in front turned the face. Set sides on three big rollers turned under, set back with two rows of pin curls.

1960s Hairstyles - Six Summer Coiffures for 1962

4. Band Bouffant
This is a style for medium or chin length hair which is slightly layered to eliminate bulk at ends. The hair is pulled straight back, fluffed a little behind the ears and has a natural pouf at the crown, created by the headband.
To Set: Roll crown hair back from face on four big rollers and roll rear sides down on two. make two off-the-face pin curls at temples, one over the other, and two rows of pin curls at the nape.

5.Brush Cut
This needs no setting. You just shape it with a hairbrush. It’s thinned and tapered, light and airy and especially good for fine hair which can’t keep a curl. To style it you simply lift and flip it into place with a brush when its wet. Quiches are brushed forward in front of the ears; bangs are brushed forward from a pivot point just in front of the crown. For evening, bangs can be brushed into a swirl around the crown

6.Smooth Curl
Sleek and head hugging for short hair. It’s layered all over, has a long shingle in back, and bangs brushed on the bias to join double quiches at the cheeks.
To Set: Roll top front hair across from left to right on three rollers with a fourth facing the opposite direction. Make four pin curls at sides, two over two, set nape hair with one row of pin curls and stick the wispy front bangs in place with a bit of transparent tape.

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