Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Vintage 1920s/1930s color matching guide –

These handy little color harmony charts fell out of my copy of The Art of Sewing and Dress Creation, a manual sold with the Sears clothing catalogues in 1929 and 1930.

The Brunette Type

Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool - The brunette

Your color – Black or brown hair, brown or black eyes, olive skin
Makeup – Rachel or buff powder, red orange rouge and dark red lipstick.
Dress colors – Deeper shades are best. Biege to Buff a good contrast, the golden tones are especially good. Contrasting colors of shades of green may be worn if the skin us clear and smooth.

The Blonde Type

Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool----The-Blonde-haired-girl

Your color – Light or amber hair, blue eyes, light cool skin.
Makeup – Use light purplish pink powder; light purplish rouge and lighter shades of red or orange lipstick.
Dress colors – Delicate colors are best. Rose shades in lighter tints of blending colors are very good. Black is an effective contrast. bright colors should be avoided by the blonde haired girl.

The Auburn Type

Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool The Auburn-haired-girl

Your colorAuburn hair, brown eyes, creamy skin with occasional freckles.
Makeup – Nude, buff or pink powder, red pink rouge and lipsticks.
Dress colors – Golden browns, particularly as emphasis for hair and eyes. With this type, harmony is more effective than contrast. Pure greens are good if slightly greyed. Blues in a warm tone are also good.

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