1950s Makeup Tips for Teenagers

Vintage Face Correction Tips in 1959 –

1950s beauty report by Carolyn Earle

New Look for your eyes


Make-up was made for the girl with small or problem eyes which need help to gain attention.
Light make-up used as shown above removes dark shadows. A touch of light make-up under the brows makes them look wide apart. Deep set eyes can be brought out by applying light foundation in the corner of the eyes near the tear duct.


You can add glamour to small eyes like the girl above by giving more arch to the brows with medium brown pencil and by tracing a fine line the full length of the edge of the upper lid. See the difference between the left and right images. For small or sunken eyes never use dark shadows, no matter how pretty the colors are. The objective is to lighten. Complete the effect by curling the lashes and brushing mascara liberally on the top lashes only.

That Nuisance Nose


It’s fun for a girl to have a cute button nose. But do you know that you can give your ordinary nose a classic effect by painting a thin line of foundation along its bridge?
You can shorten a nose by putting a spot of dark foundation under the tip, or make a thin nose look a lot better by putting some light make-up along the sides and dark foundation on the bridge.
The two pictures above shows how make-up can make a wide and rather flat nose look more slender. A cream or cream-stick foundation just one tone darker than ordinary base ( it looks darker in the picture) is best for contour corrections. The darker tone is put over the ordinary foundation, carried along the sides as shown, and blended so that no hard line remains. Face powder is puffed on the face to give the finishing touch.

Change of Face


Imagine yourself as the girl shown at right, quite devoid of make-up, with eyes that lack expression and vitality, a jawline that is heavy and full, and hair that’s all wrong for the shape of her face. Actually, the picture isn’t fair, as most girls wear a bit of make-up these days. But look at the same girl with the addition of contour make-up to belittle that wide jaw, a hairstyle to balance it, and accented lips and eyes. To play down a square chine, apply foundation one shade darker than your ordinary make-up base along the sides of your face and over the jawline, blending edges into the lighter color so that there is no break to catch the eye. Arch the eyebrows well and outline both the upper and lower lashes.

That’s all !
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Australian Womans Weekly – 1959

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