1930s Beauty – Loveliness to Lips and Mouth

Homespun 1930s Beauty advice from 1936 –


By Evelyn.

It is said that’s mouths are expressive of character:
For instance, drooping lips tell a story of discontent; thin lips portray hardness and cruelty; a wide mouth betokens a generous, easy going nature, and so on.

Don’t believe all this, but rather that a badly shaped mouth mars your natural loveliness, and detracts from your charm and beauty. And believe, also, that wonders can be worked with drooping, thin, or too full lips, or with lips that have a hard, set expression.

Using the tips of your first fingers, draw them firmly upward and outwards from the lips to the top of your cheekbone, and repeat twenty times.

DROOPING LIPS can be remedied. Practice the habit of keeping the corners of the mouth turned up. Don’t overdo the action however or you’ll acquire an expression of haughty severity. Furthermore think cheerful thoughts, smile a little more often. When you smile inwardly from the heart, your whole face lights up, your eyes as well as your mouth.

Whistling is a good exercise for drooping lips, but if you believe the old legend about ” a whistling woman and a crowing hen,” perhaps a little humming !

Begin near chin and follow with long sweeping strokes up to ears.

TO IMPROVE THIN LIPS, a feature no girl likes to possess, simply practice pursing them outwards, holding, then drawing them back firmly.

Using the fingertips of both hands, pat gently but firmly round the mouth. This tapping function with massage, banishes wrinkles, keeps contour firm.

FULL LIPS on the other hand should be closed tightly against the teeth, then without allowing the lips to open, draw the corners outwards. After a few seconds like this, purse the lips outwards as though about to whistle.

For all round lip loveliness, repeat the phrase “prunes and prisms” with emphasis on the ssss. Pretend to blow out a candle – also good.
When asleep, try and keep the mouth closed, wear a chin strap if necessary. Apart from avoiding inpleasant snoring ( not very becoming for any girl) you will have a healthier throat and mouth.
Massage is always good for a girls face, no less for her lips. The exercises shown here are well worth repeating.

That’s all !
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Australian Women’s Weekly 1936

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