1940s Beauty Class – The Christmas Facial

Winter Facial and Complexion Makeover – Dec 1941 –

1940s Beauty reportCarolyn Wyck


This coming yuletide season, many girls are hoping for some time off. A chance to throw off the uniforms and feel like women again. Here’s a good visual guide to a facial which anyone can do, followed by some basic skincare tips.

The Winter Facial.

The Winter Facial.
1.After cleansing, massage your neck from base to jawbone, all over.
2.With back of hands well creamed, pat and stroke firmly under the chin.
The Winter Facial.
3.Massage from chin to nose, to ears, then chin to temples.
4.Massage from chin to nostrils, to nostrils, to cheeks, to temples, in curves.
The Winter Facial.
5.Stroke forehead firmly from center first up, then up and outward.
6.Massage across forehead, rotating fingers. This relaxes nerves.
The Winter Facial.
7.While massaging flabby cheeks, smile broadly, open and close jaws.
8.For under-eye pouches, draw fingers lightly over closed eyes.
The Winter Facial. 1940s
9.For heavy jowls, lift muscles, pinch gently. Increase pressure gradually.
10.Heart laughter helps correct crèpy throat, stimulates sluggish glands.

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1940s Makeup Guides

Six Complexion Makeover Tips.


1.Protective lotions will help keep your hands, arms and neck soft and youthful.

2.Use the tips of the fingers to blend it in with your natural skin tones.


3.Wear a foundation base under make-up to smooth and protect your complexion.

4.Remove cream with tissue in an upward and outward motion.


5.Then, apply cleansing cream lavishly for its softening as well as cleansing effect.

6.Finally, keep your skin fresh and stimulated by brushing your face with a soft bristle brush soaked in soapy water.

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