1930s New Years Beauty Tips

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1932 Hollywood beauty tricks  –

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips - Loretta Young

1930s Beauty Report from Carolyn Van Wyck

Our roving time travelling fashion reporter Carolyn dishes the beauty news from New Years Eve 1932.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Joan-Bennett

Will Joan Bennett‘s adoption of the beauty spot bring about a renaissance of its popularity? It’s often a fascinating accent for the right social occasion.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Gloria-Stuart

Slightly extended eyebrows are invariably becoming. Gloria Stuart adds a deft touch to her own. If your brows are black, use a black pencil. For other shades a brown pencil is far more becoming. Keep the line and tapering and follow the natural shape. straight, arched or slanting.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Mary-Mason

Mary Mason is in a very icy mood here. She is illustrating one of Billie Burke‘s secrets to skin vitality and beauty. Plenty of ice water for delicate skin, and for tougher skin, ice direct covered with gauze.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips ---Dorothy-Jordan

Dorothy Jordan delights in exotic perfumes. For day she sprays her astrakhan collar ( perfume is lasting on fur) and she applies a touch from her dropper back of her ears. Dorothy changes perfumes often. Jasmine is her favourite.


Raquel Torres‘ new ‘instant’ lipstick applicator is all the rage this Christmas, and is sure to be in 1933. She also tries out the new lipstick shape mould. Just place against your mouth, paint on lip rouge and you are ready to go !

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Anita-Louise

Anita Louise brushes a tiny dash of brilliantine through her brows to remove powder and to accent their darkness. Especially attractive on black brows and on lashes too.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Phyllis-Fraser

Now that liquid eyelash darkener is popular, a lesson in its application by Phyllis Fraser is very timely. Apply to upper lashes with upward sweep, to lower lashes with downward sweep. If stopper brush is awkward, then use a glass rod or even a wooden match.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Dorothy-Jordan-eyes

Dorothy Jordan’s sole eye make-up for winter days is a brown line drawn with an eyebrow crayon on her upper lids just above the lash line. A grand ruse to accent eyes.

Variety in Bangs.

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips ---Fay-Wray-hair-bang

Would you believe that Fay Wray’s almost Grecian coiffure could be combed into such a soft, becoming bob for day?
For evening that forehead fringe is persuaded into lacy curls, the hair is drawn back and high where it blossoms into tiny curls. Try this arrangement for this New Years party !

1930s Hollywood New Years Beauty Tips --Lillian-bond-bangs

Finally, if you’re luck to have soft and silky hair, you may find a deep bang like Lilian Bond‘s the final touch for feminine loveliness. Hair is circularly waved, ends turned up.

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