1940s Lipstick Tutorial

Mary Martins Lip Tips on Loveliness 1941-


1940s Makeup – Lipstick Tutorial.

– by Carol Carter for Glamourdaze.com

Model your lips carefully! Use a deep clear red lipstick. You can make them wider, or shorter, fuller or thinner, to give your face better proportion. If they’re too heavy, use a medium or rose lip rouge to make them less noticeable. Always remove excess lipstick by pressing a piece of tissue between your lips.


Top Tip : Moisten your lips with your tongue just before having your picture taken. It makes even faded lipstick stand out.

Mary Martin, dainty Paramount star, uses a natural-colored lipstick with her attractive new blonde locks.
A lip pencil or special brush may be used to outline or reshape lips. Lipstick is then filled in and sharp edges rubbed off.

Which Lipstick Type are You?

Which 1940s Lipstick Type are You?


After pressing both lips together to transfer any excess, blot lips with tissue. This assures a neat, natural look. RIGHT – Powdering lightly over the finished job sets lip rouge . Which gives that soft matt finish, that is so becoming to young girls for daytime wear.

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Modern Screen Original Nov 1941.

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1940s Makeup tutorial

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