Pin Up! The Movie – The All American Girl

Reclaiming the art of the Pin up –


We all know the style! – pin curls, wiggle dresses, 1940s era bullet bras, seamed stockings, cat-eyed make-up and redder than red lips!


The recent explosion of interest in vintage fashion – in particular the era spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s has brought with it a revival of the pin up culture, by scores of everyday but enthusiastic women, who quite simply love to dress up and enjoy the femininity of these glamorous decades.


Pin Up! The Movie draws viewers into this pin up subculture. It follows young women ( burlesque models, make-up artists, photographers) through their everyday lives, and learns why they’re drawn to the pin-up style!

The-Pinup-beauty-academy---Pin up-The-Movie
“The All American girl,” says director Kathleen Ryan, ” is now a global phenomena. I’m bringing her story to you in Pin up! – The Movie”

Pin up!-the-Movie—perfect-cat-eye tutorial
Pin up!-the-Movie---victory-rolls
Pin up!-the-Movie—victory-rolls tutorial

Pin up! The Movie also features tutorials on how to achieve the perfect cat-eye make-up and victory roll hairstyle.

Pearl Frush

Often considered to be the domain of male artists like Gil Elvgren and enjoyed only by young men during the war who were missing home and girl friends ( WW Two bombers were famous for their nose-cone art ) some of the great pin up artists ( such as Pearl Frush and Zoe Mozert) were in fact women, and the real enthusiasts today are by and large mainly women.


“Pin up and vintage culture are exploding – and no one’s made a movie about it,” says Ryan.

The feature-length film not only follows the women, but we meet their families and friends who have all subsequently been drawn in to the pin up subculture. The film visits the annual World War Two White Christmas Ball in Denver and attend the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend where we get a real sense of the nostalgic love of the 1940s and 1950s and the popularity of retro culture.

Kathleen Ryan with models Evalette Bizou and Bang-bang Von-Loola at-the-World-War-Two-Ball-in-Denver.

Pin up model Bang Bang Von Loola puts it this way. ” I feel that women should expose themselves to the option of feeling fabulous about themselves!”


Mitzi Valenzuela, Pin-up photographer explained what drew her to the art,” At college I started researching pin up photography and I just fell in love with it because of the idea of what it meant to be a pin up, and that’s the idea of the empowerment and passion. I found my true calling !”


Despite the many misconceptions that the pin-up is something for men to look at, Ryan has found a unique sense of sisterhood amongst its participants. “All the women I’ve talked with say they’re doing this for themselves. They love the power, beauty and sisterhood in the culture.”


The documentary will feature at film festivals throughout the Summer of 2015. Kathleen Ryan is seeking funds to license music as well as archival footage and images for the project. To this end, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign
“Pin up and Kickstarter are a perfect fit.There’s sex appeal, a great story, fabulous characters, and terrific images.”

Pin up!-the-Movie

So give them a hand and pledge some funds ( as little as $1.00 upwards ). There’s plenty of goodies for anyone who backs this worthy project.

Pin up!-the-Movie

Pin Up! The Movie is the third documentary from TaylorCatProductions,
directed by award-winning director Ryan and produced by David Staton
and Maria Elena Buszek (author of Pin-Up Grrls: Feminism, Sexuality,
Popular Culture).

That’s all !

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